Frequently Asked Questions

Getting started

  1. What is Speed Dial 2?

    Speed dial 2 is an extension for Google Chrome which replaces your new tab page with customizable list of your favorite websites and allows you to quickly access your bookmarks and browsing history.

  2. How can I install Speed Dial 2?

    To install Speed dial 2, visit Speed Dial 2 at Chrome Web Store and click "Add to Chrome".

Bookmarks and groups

  1. How do I add a new bookmark

    Adding a new bookmarks is easy! Right click (or Ctrl+click) anywhere on empty space on your new tab page and select "Add new bookmark" from the menu which appears. Alternatively, you can always add the page you are currently viewing by clicking on Speed Dial 2 icon in browser toolbar.

  2. How do I edit or remove a bookmark

    To edit or remove a bookmark, right click (or Ctrl+click) the bookmark tile and select desired option.

  3. What are groups and how can I create one?

    With Speed Dial 2, you can easily organize your favorite websites into different groups (e.g. to separate your favorite websites related to work, your interests or your hobbies). To create a new group, right click (or Ctrl+click) anywhere on empty space on your new tab page and select "Create new group".

  4. How to rearrange my bookmarks

    You can drag and drop bookmarks to rearrange their position on your new tab page.


  1. How do I access extension options

    Right click anywhere on your new tab page and Select "Options". You can also right click on Speed Dial 2 icon in browser toolbar to access options.

  2. How to change the theme of Speed Dial 2

    Speed Dial 2 comes with many predefined themes to customize you new tab page. To select a different theme for your new tab, open extension options and select the theme you like in "Themes" section.

  3. Exporting / Importing your settings

    Import/Export section in extension options gives you the ability to safely export all your bookmarks and settings of Speed Dial 2. You can later restore all your settings by importing them back.

Premium features

  1. What is Speed Dial 2 Pro?

    Upgrading to Speed Dial 2 Pro ulocks the full potential of our extension. Synchronization across all your computers, access to bookmarks from mobile devices, automatic backups and more customization options are the main advantages when compared to free accounts. Learn more....

  2. How can I upgrade to Speed Dial 2 Pro

    To uprage your Speed Dial 2 account, register with your email on our website. Create your premium account.

  3. I already have the Pro. How do I sign-in?

    To sign-in with your premium account, open extension options and enter your username and password under "Sync and backup" section.

  4. How do I reset the password on my Pro account?

    Click here and enter your email to reset your password. We will shortly email you a link to the page where you choose a new password.


  1. Layout of the page seems broken

    Try reseting the zoom settings of your new tab page. Zoom-in or zoom-out the page.

  2. Problems with my sync or backups

    Please get in touch with our customer support using the form below.

  3. How do I uninstall Speed Dial 2?

    Right click on Speed Dial 2 icon in your browser toolbar and select "Remove from Chrome".

I have a question about something else

Please sign-in with your premium account to get email support.