Adding Bookmarks

Learn about different ways of saving new bookmarks to Speed Dial 2 – adding currently visited page through the action menu, with the keyboard shortcut, or by manually entering the bookmark URL.

Adding currenly visited page

To add currently visited page, use the Speed Dial 2 action menu. You can find the action menu by clicking the "puzzle" icon in the top right of the browser and selecting "Speed Dial 2". ( Speed Dial 2 ) in the top right of the browser.


Tip: You can make Speed Dial 2 icon permanently visible in the top right of the browser by clicking the "pin" icon next to Speed Dial 2 in the menu.

Keyboard Shortcut: You can also add currently visited page by pressing a keyboard shortcut that you can set in the "System" section of Speed Dial 2 preferences. You can also directly set the shortcut by copying the following link to your browser address bar: chrome://extensions/shortcuts

Adding Bookmarks Manually

You can easily add a new bookmark to Speed Dial 2 from your new tab page. Just find and click the rounded button with the plus sign, paste the URL of the page you want to add or select bookmarks from the list of most popular websites.